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Our Hostel is marked slightly incorrectly on google maps. Follow the red line on this map for the best walking route from the bus station. We can’t be accessed from the road by Hotel Taiko (there is a 10 meter wall of snow)

Hostel Location:

The Backpacker hostel is located at the bottom of the road from the Hotel Kanejin.

Bus from Tokyo aiports to Nagano: The Cheapest option is to take  from Tokyo airports to Nagano then get a train from Nagano to Myoko Kogen

Train from Narita to Myoko Station:

For flight’s landing at Narita International airport, take the Narita express to Tokyo Station or skyliner to Ueno statio. Once you arrive at Tokyo or Ueno Station, then catch the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagano station. Then change on to a local train heading to Myoko Kogen. Full details of this journey can be found in the pdf link. Use to check train times.

Train From Haneda to Myoko Station:

Airport shuttle busses are available or local train to Tokyo central. Then Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) to Joetsu Myoko station, then change onto a local train to Myoko-Kogen Station (10 minute journey). Then Hostel shuttle straight to the hostel in Akakura on request, Alternatively a local bus is available or taxi.

Hostel pickup from Myoko station: We can pick you up from Myoko Kogen station for a fee of 1500yen per trip.

Taxi from Myoko station:

The Hostel is accessible by taxi from Myoko Kogen train station, the taxis should be lined up in front of the station exit. Please contact us if you would like to book a taxi for your arrival. Or please tell the driver to take you to “Mee-o-ko Pa-oo-da Ho-su-te-lu, Ho-te-ru ka-ne-gin no-mit-chi-no-shi-ta-desu, o-ne-ga-ee shi-ma-su”.

Bus from Myoko Kogen Station:

Once you exit the station, turn right, keep walking until you reach the clock tower in front of the Tourist Information Centre, please wait here for the next available bus to Akakura Onsen. Akakura Onsen will be your last stop.


Taxi direct from airport to hostel: Easiest but most expensive

Prices for this service can be found on ChuoTaxi website

To check availability or book please email

Here is a pdf of navigation photos from Narita terminal 2&3. If you land at terminal 3 head to terminal 2.